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Group Ride Sign-in Sheet

Click here to open/print/download the CBC Group Ride Sign-in Sheet (PDF file)

Ride Leader Guidelines

Before the Ride

  • If you can’t make your own ride, please make every attempt to find a substitute. If you can’t, please contact Road Captain Bill Keim, who may be able to assist.
  • Consider lining up a co-leader, if there are indications that one might be needed.

Things to Bring to the Ride

  • Sign-in sheets. Every rider on the ride should sign in and list an emergency number (not 911) in the event of a mishap.
  • Floor pump
  • First aid kit
  • Cue sheets and/or route maps – if possible
  • Nice extras for those who forget: A water bottle, extra helmet, patch kit, tube

At the Start Point

  • Assess the group—are there riders who seem inexperienced or who may have trouble keeping up? Riders who may outpace the group? Do all the riders have the appropriate gear and supplies (helmets  are REQUIRED; you should also check to make sure folks have safe bikes, water, flat-repair gear, clothing appropriate for conditions, etc.) Take some  time to chat with the new riders to get a sense of their group riding skills, pace capacity.
  • Will you need a co-leader, a sweep or someone to lead out for the ride? Designate someone as appropriate
  • Do introductions if there are new riders; review signals, verbal cues if necessary
  • State the ride tone and norms (recreational, social, typical pace, pace line etiquette, drop or no-drop policy)
  • Summarize safe riding skills and highlight the availability of the Safe Riding Guidelines in the Resources section of the CBC website
  • Review the route and provide cue sheets. Call attention to any potential known hazards and identify the regroup points, if any
  • Introduce your co-leader/sweep and lead rider if appropriate
  • Provide your cell phone number for any riders who are carrying cell phones (be sure your ringer volume is turned up)
  • Make sure riders know to inform you if they decide to leave the group

During the Ride

  • Check in with the weaker riders occasionally to make sure they are doing OK. Offer short-cuts if needed and possible.
  • Watch out for unsafe riding behavior that endangers other riders, for example, failure to heed the “car back” warning, weaving, etc.
  • Monitor the pace – if pace-creep is occurring, check-in with folks at a rest stop to make sure they are doing OK with it.
  • Make sure no one gets dropped and left to straggle back to the start point alone.

After the Ride

  • Check in with any new riders to see how the ride went for them; direct them to the membership section of the website if they are not yet members and explain the club policy about non-member participation in rides (once is OK;  after that you must be a member for insurance coverage.)
  • Email the Ride Captain with any comments you’d like to offer about the ride.
  • Please retain the sign-in sheet until the end of the season in case any club insurance claims occur from the ride.

Any ‘Ol Time

  • Feel free to contact the Road Captain with questions or comments or ideas for club activities.

Thank you for your interest and willingness to be a CBC Ride Leader!
Bill Keim –