Promoting bicycling in the South Puget Sound region for more than 30 years!

President’s Message: New date/locale for Two-County Ride

Some of you may be aware that the CBC is now certainly over 40 years old. I say “certainly” because the actual birthday is a little hard to establish, as there were several false starts; beginning with a meeting in the early seventies, in the basement of a house I lived in on North Street, where a hundred people showed up. By 1977 we’d figured out more or less what it took to be a club. We had elected officers and run the first Two County Double Metric Century.

A recurring theme over our 40-year history has been that periodically we have experienced the need to change and re-invent ourselves as a club. I think this upcoming year will be one of those years.

One of the most notable changes starts with great news! Providence Regional Cancer System has for the second year signed on as the primary/name sponsor for the Two County Double Metric Century. Last year Providence didn’t commit to sponsorship until too late in the year to allow for any major changes. Since they committed to this year’s event right after last year’s ride, we have adequate time to completely revamp the ride/event.

First off, as you may know, the Two County has suffered from dating conflicts since its inception; first with the Capital City Marathon, and more recently with the Black Hills Triathlon. There are only so many dates available during the summer. The closest date that seemed to offer a reasonable chance of good weather, and lack of conflict with other events, was August 27th. So we grabbed it.

Secondly, Providence’s interest in being the name sponsor was/is to promote their Cancer Center. A perfect way to do so is to use their parking lot for the start/finish. The lot is big enough, and the Center is closed on Sundays. It also has access to the Chehalis Western Bike trail and because it’s private property it will allow us to have a beer garden at the finish; which hopefully prompts riders to hang around and socialize a bit after the ride. We plan on having food trucks too, and maybe even live music. The only downside was that in moving the start/finish line 10 miles or so, meant coming up with new loops. The good news is that we have already done that, and come up with six routes that range from kid friendly, to pretty epic, if I do say so. Stay tuned for more news on The Two County Double Metric Century as we get closer to the ride date.